Kyoritsu 2003A Clamp Meter - 021.71601997

Kyoritsu 2003A Clamp Meter - 021.71601997
Isi Iklan: Equipped to measure AC and DC current up to 2000A, the Kyoritsu AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter has large diameter transformer jaws. Output terminal for connection to recorders. Specification: AC A 400A/2000A (0~1000A) �1.5%rdg�2dgt [50/60Hz] �3%rdg�4dgt [40~500Hz] �5%rdg�4dgt [500Hz~1kHz] 2000A (1001~2000A) �3%rdg�2dgt [50/60Hz] AC V 400/750V �1.5%rdg�2dgt [50/60Hz] �1.5%rdg�4dgt [40Hz~1kHz] DC A 400/2000A �1.5%rdg�2dgt DC V 400/1000V �1%rdg�2dgt Ω 400/4000Ω|�1.5%rdg�2dgt Continuity buzzer buzzer sounds below 50�35Ω Output Recorder : DC400mV against AC/DC400A DC200mV against AC/DC2000A Conductor Size �55mm max. Safety Standard IEC 61010-1 CAT.IV 600V CAT.III 1000V IEC 61010-031 IEC 61010-2-032 Frequency Response 40Hz~1kHz Withstand Voltage 6880V AC for 5 seconds Power Source R6P (AA) (1.5V) �2 Dimensions 250(L) � 105(W) � 49(D)mm Weight 530g approx. Accessories 7107A (Test leads) 8201 (Output Plug) 9094 (Carrying Case) R6P (AA) � 2 Instruction Manual Optional 8008 (Multi-Tran) (AC only) 7014 (Output cord)
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